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Fifty percent of what children need to know is learned between birth and the age of six. These first years of a child’s life forge a permanent impact on their future. In The Visone Method, authors Carmine and Phyllis Visone provide parents and teachers with a comprehensive, innovative understanding of how a child’s learning develops in the early years. Step-by-step, the method identifies the most credible procedures for each stage of development. 


This contemporary early childhood education method intertwines research-based theory, educational best practices, a dose of common sense, and a positive school environment to guide children three months old through second grade. The Visone Method is a behaviorist philosophy that builds self-esteem while considering the whole child. It balances music, drama, and motor skill activities with high-level academic learning in a fun environment.


The Visone Method fosters an active love of learning by providing experiences that enable all students to achieve a strong foundation during early childhood. It treats every day as a celebration of life and learning because what a growing child learns today will be with them for a lifetime.

The Authors

For decades Carmine and Phyllis Visone have made it their mission to establish a high standard for early childhood education.

The Method

The Visones focus on providing children a challenging and rewarding early childhood curriculum through carefully proven criteria.

The Audience

Parents and teachers rejoice! At last there’s a refreshingly practical and instructional model to help children from infancy to age six.

The Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Percent of Learning that Takes Place Between Infancy and Age 6
Percent of Brain Size Established from Infancy to Age 6
Percent of Children Who Participate in High Quality Early Care and Outperform their Peers
Percent of Students Taught Using the Visone Method who go on to in the Top 10% of their Class
Percent of Students Who Maintain an Advanced Reading Level as a Result of Quality Early Education
  • As an elementary school teacher and a new parent I found this book to be the most informative one out there. This is a must have book for all teachers and parents. As a first time Mom, I learned many techniques to help me with my son. I especially gained a lot of knowledge after reading the chapter dealing with selecting a pre-school. The information in this book is not really found anywhere else. As my son approaches his pre-school years I had no idea what type of questions I should ask or what to look for in a perfect pre-school facility. This book was written to help educate both parents and teachers. Definitely a perfect gift for a new teacher or parent. A must read...pass it on!!!

    An Elementary School Teacher
  • A must read for any parent! This book is packed with idea's and concepts that you as a parent never thought of and will never forget! A truly enlightening perspective.

    The Book Maven
  • I very much enjoyed reading this book. It was easy reading and fun also. Each chapter had a new and interesting way in being involved in the early very important learning stages of your children.

  • Each event that happens to your child is a first. This book opens your eyes to new ways of teaching you children and helping them grow each day. Wonderful reading!


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